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Green Horn

The Green Horn Kratom is a native of Borneo. It is a stimulating product famous among Kratom users worldwide. This Kratom strain looks like a shiny, emerald shade green, clean leaves. Ideally, morning workouts become more effective with the use of Green horn.

Green Malay 

Green Malay Kratom acts as a powerful antioxidant and enhances the human body's immunity. It is useful for fighting off various cancers. Users have reported a boost in their chemotherapy results. It also works by increasing blood flow to all regions of the body, especially the brain while numbing pain receptors to reduce awareness of fatigue or suffering. 

White Malay

White Vein Malay Kratom has a full range of kratom alkaloids. Compared to Red or Green strains of kratom, White Vein Kratoms are more dissociating, which helps potentiate pain relief and many users perceive as extra euphoria.


Red Thai 

Red Thai Kratom is said to be one of the most relaxing strains with positive and emotional well-being effects. This strain is not as energizing as compared to the green vein products but the effects last longer and produce a more euphoric and pain relieving effect. 

White Horn

White Horn kratom provides a boost to energy levels, and it is one of the more potent white strains. Along with the energy, White Horn also has some outstanding benefits in regard to mood enhancement and euphoria..

Green Maeng Da

Some prime benefits which all Maeng Da strains provide in different concentration are following.
*Psychological boost

White Borneo

White Vein Kratom is known to provide such benefits listed below:

Increased focus and attention to details
Increased energy and physical capacity
Increased mental and cognitive function
Ability to think clearly to arrive at solution
Achieved feeling of euphoria
More prominent motivation and drive

The White Vein Borneo is also famous for being the most consistent to provide with such benefits among other Kratom strains.Type your paragraph here.

Green Vietnam

In general, this kratom type offers very pleasant effects on a person’s mind and body. The following are some of the most popular Green Vietnam Kratom effects:

Energy and Stimulation: The energetic properties of Vietnam Kratom is not overpowering. However, it is known to give exceptionally smooth energetic results. One thing to note about this kratom variety is its energetic effect is not forceful compared to other strains like the Thai Kratom. If you want to get things done, you’ll get the energy you need from this strain.
Pain Relief: Like its energetic and stimulant properties, the pain relief attributes of the Vietnam Kratom is not that pronounced. However, it is still fairly helpful in relieving pain. One unique thing about it is it doesn’t offer sedative effects, unlike other strains.
Mood-Lifting: Another unique characteristic of this kratom variety is it offers an organic way of lifting moods and clearing the mind. Many users reported the feeling of increased mental energy and mind clarity.

White Maeng Da 

White Vein Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most potent strains. It provides stimulation and gives quick relief from pain. It has the ability to enhance mental and physical readiness. It enhances mental activity, increases focus and energy. It is also known for relieving pain and subsiding discomfort that comes with a chronic backache, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid athritis and cancer. 

Red Ketapang

Red Ketapang is one of our famous red strain Kratoms where the leaves are selected from aged trees in the Ketapang district. We have perfected the process of fermentation by allowing 5 – 6 days to extract the best potency and consistency with this strain. If red strain is your favorite, you will love this one.  Very similar to the red borneo.

Red Bali 

Red Bali Kratom provides quick and effective relief from pain, enhancing a persons mood and boosts the metabolic rate. If consumed at lower dosages, the effect can be stimulating, resulting in active concentration spans for those who suffer from ADHD or generally cannot focus or concentrate. At increased dosages, its effects are more calming, soothing and relaxing. Works great for sleep apnea or general issues with falling asleep. 

White Sumatra

Here are some of the common effects of White Vein Kratom from Sumatra:
Energy boost
Cognitive boost
Pain relief
Insomnia treatment
Stress relief

Overall, the White Vein Sumatra Kratom must be used with proper dosage since it has a wide range of effects that differ from person to person. However, this strain makes it versatile and perfect for all types of individual looking forward to experiencing these various effects together.

Red Borneo

Most people today choose the Red Borneo Kratom for its relaxing effects, like what it had been known to provide for over a century of natural use in its origin. Aside from that, it also is known to provide relief (but not limited), to the following ailments:
– Chronic Pain
– Anxiety
– Scoliosis
– Hypertension
– Fibromyalgia
– Depression
– Fatigue

– Sleep disorders

Red Horn

Red Horn Kratom provides some benefits such as it is a natural painkiller which works to treat chronic pains. Unlike other euphoric herbs, Red Horn Kratom works more on the healing side and less on pleasure.

Red Maeng Da 

Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom is associated with energy and pain killing effect. These are alternate of painkiller drugs with no side effect. It is also used for withdrawing the opiate withdrawal symptoms. This strain will provide the best results if you are facing body pain. 

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White Wizard (GANDALF)

Yellow/White Mix

Its a morning/afternoon strain.

Great smooth energy

​Mood lift