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Our CBD is made from hemp derived isolate crystals. It is water soluble NOT oil based.

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CBD Gummies

Canna-Pet® Advanced are baked in the USA with organic, non-GMO, quality food ingredients. We hold our biscuits to the same quality standards as the food you serve to your human family. Our bite-sized biscuits are perfect for any size pet, easy to administer and bring along when traveling. Each box contains 37-40 biscuits (8oz / 227g).
Recommended serving sizes:
Dogs under 20lbs (9kg): 1 biscuit every 12 hours.
Dogs 21-44lbs (9.5-20kg): 2 biscuits every 12 hours.
Dogs 45-95lbs (20-43kg): 3 biscuits, every 12 hours.
Dogs over 95lbs (43kg): 4 biscuits every 12 hours.

CBD gummies are available in 

10mg bag (100mg total)   $14.99

25mg bag (250mg total)   $29.99

50mg bag (500mg total)   $59.99

200mg unflavored CBD 30ml     $30.00

300mg unflavored CBD 30ml     $40.00

500mg unflavored CBD 30ml     $60.00

1000mg unflavored CBD 30ml   $100.00

1500mg unflavored CBD 30ml   $140.00